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The Holy Quran – Its Unique Preservation

The mission of Altafsir. Since Altafsir. Asslamu alaikum dear Brothers. As a convert of almost 10 years and living in Las Vegas, our masjead had little help for new converts so I relied on the Internet.

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I wanted to Thank You for such an informative as well as beautiful interface of this site! May Allah reward everyone involved.

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Jezakallhu Kair,". I'd like to express my gratitude to your organization for making such a valuable scholarly resource accessible. I'll make sure to include a link to your website in the new upcoming revision of Columbia University library's Middle East website.


I will ask my students to visit your web site because there are lots of benefit they can get from there. This commentary is a unique master piece.

Quran: 24. Surah An-Nur (The Light): Arabic and English translation

It is an excellent exegesis on the true meaning of the Holy Quran. Although no commentary can ever claim to encompass the final interpretation of the Holy Quran, the manner in which this rich treasure has been prised open by an author who had deep insight into the meaning of the Holy Quran , has certainly set the standard by which all future commentaries ought to be judged. An Index of subjects has also been added. Meaning of Arabic words are given before the commentary.

Does Hadith Explain Quran? | - Your best source for Submission (Islam)

Holy Quran with English Short Commentary. Tafaseer ul Quran ka tahqeeqi ka muazina. Tafseer e Kabeer 10 volumes. This Urdu commentary of the Holy Quran is a living proof of that prophecy.

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Hadrat Musleh Moud ra wrote about this commentary "A vast majority of the subject matter of this commentary are not the result of my personal effort but has been gifted to me by Allah Almighty". That is the reason that reading this commentary sparks a special love for Allah and His book and Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him Unfortunately he was not able to completely finish this massive work in his life time. Commentary on the following Surahs is missing.

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  2. The Meaning of the Holy Quran in Today's English (Deluxe Ed) Vol 2 of 3 - Yahiya Emerick (2000).
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From then on different parts was published as they became available. This edition which has 10 volumes was published in in Qadian under the auspices of Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Khalifatul Messih the 4th.

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